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An enchanting, traditional village nestled in the green hills ...

Located just over 15 kilometers from the farm, Castellarano is an enchanting, traditional village nestled in the green hills, in the lower area of ​​the Secchia valley. The settlement of prehistoric origins although the village probably dates back to Roman times. On its territory remains has been found that confirm the presence of primitive peoples, Ligurians, Etruscans, Galli boi and of course the Romans. Castellarano in 1039 became the property of the Marquis Bonifacio of Canossa, and at his death passed to his daughter Matilda, who seems to have commissioned the construction of the fortress, then deeply transformed over the centuries.

The country has an impressive, well-preserved medieval center and dotted with cobbled walkways. The old town is surrounded by Rocchetta, a small fifteenth-century fortress, owned by the city, from which a circle of defensive walls that surrounded the hill, still partly visible, and presenting on the main side a defence ditch where once flowed the Rio Castellarano. La Rocchetta was the entrance to the old town through its three gates: the Porta Maggiore, Porta Castellana and the Door of Rose Tower (La porta della rosa).

Other places of great interest are: the Fortress, whose present appearance dates back to the ‘70; the Clock Tower, an ancient watchtower built in the Middle Ages to control navigation along the river Secchia, whose main feature is the clock with the dials to only one hand on each side, dating from the eighteenth century; and the Parish Church of Santa Maria Assunta, in late Baroque style dating back to 1600, when it was rebuilt on an ancient church.

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