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Tourist Route "Middle Ages" in Scandiano with QR code

Tourist Route "Middle Ages" in Scandiano with QR code

mobile devices can connect and get news about history and monument

The Tourist Route "Middle Ages" is a project that aims to return a reading of the historical and monumental city of Scandiano. The route is marked with an iron bar system decorated and fitted with easily recognizable symbols and equipped with QR code, able to connect mobile devices to find online more information on monuments and other artistic or historical emergencies. The project aims to promote a revalue of historical and artistic monuments and social organization of the territory. This is for Scandiano an opportunity to promote the historical and cultural heritage and promote the area. In this sense should read the choice to name two new districts: the "Brolo Alto " to Sun Ruffillo area is called "Lambrusco" and that of the Bosco del Fracasso to Pratissolo, "Spergola" as the indigenous vine variety.

Medieval Path

Rocca dei Boiardo
Chiesa della Natività
Santa Caterina d’Alessandria
Piazza delle Contradelle
Orlando innamorato
Chiesa di Santa Croce
Porta Castello

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