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Know us better

Know us better

Do you want to know us better? This is the story of Claudia and her family

My name is Claudia, my story begins when in 2000 my father decided to leave the farm and its farmhouse, about to retire, and asked me if I was interested in continuing the business, otherwise he would have sold.

I think it was that word, 'sell', which made me shoot something inside, that made me leave my quiet and safe work I was used to, and embark on this adventure, I knew nothing about agriculture.

So by day I worked in the fields, under the watchful eye of my father, especially when I had to work with agricultural vehicles, or make maintenance and in the evening I went to attend courses so I could be updated about the news of the agricultural sector.

It 'was during one of these courses that we discussed the possibility of opening farms to the public by creating farms where people could stay.

This made me think of the house where I grew up, a beautiful stone farmhouse, which together with my husband Roberto had restored, but for our needs it was too large and I wondered if, given that it liked so much to me, perhaps it would be  the same for  others, if we add the possibility of being able to stay in a real farm where you can relax and unwind from the hectic life that we everyday live and enjoy nature, I thought ...why not?

So I jumped in this adventure with great enthusiasm, and I then also infected my husband Robert, who has decided to leave the factory where he worked and then followed also our daughter Giada, leaving also her the office not to stay all day closed within four walls.

We found ourselves to lead an activity that allows us to be together, and that is giving us a lot of satisfaction in human terms, allowing us to get in touch with people different from each other, but of which we have a special memory of many of them.

Our hope is that people come as guests but that they leave as friends, this is also possible for the fact that ours is a small farmhouse and we can have direct contact with people.

I believe that Il Brugnolo is special because you have the chance to sleep in a quiet place in the countryside, but not far from the village, as many art cities and small villages and above all because we are always happy to answer your every need, just ask and we will do everything possible and more than happy to help you discover our territory!

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