Our Story

Are you interested in knowing us better? This is the story of Claudia and her family.

The Brugnolo is for us the realization of a dream

Thank you for deciding to read more about us. I’m Claudia and together with my husband Roberto we cannot wait to welcome you.

My story, indeed, the story of Brugnolo begins when, in 2000, my father decided to leave the farm and the farmhouse to retire and asked me if I was interested in continuing the business, otherwise he would sell it.

I think that specific word, “to sell”, triggered a spark in me. I didn’t want to give up the place where I was born and raised.

That is when I decided to leave my quiet and safe job as an employee to embark on this adventure.

I knew nothing about agriculture. However, I couldn’t let the family business die, so I decided to start working hard for it.

During the day I worked in the fields, under the watchful and strict eye of my father, and in the evening, I attended courses to update myself on the agricultural area.

That was the only way I could acquire the right skills to carry on a farm.

One evening, during one of these courses, we talked about the possibility of opening the farms to tourists, creating some farmhouses able to host people.

Moreover, just at that time, together with my husband Roberto, we had renovated the house where I grew up, a magnificent 1800 farmhouse in natural stone, yet it was too big for our necessities.

Meanwhile I reflected on that word I had heard during the course, agritourism, and I thought that, if I liked so much this house, as much as the park in which it is located, maybe the guests could think the same, they would stay in a real farmhouse, relax, and unwind from the stressful life, completely soaking into the nature.

And here we are, well-aware that we couldn’t have made a better choice….

I was lucky but also stubborn: lucky because I entered this adventure with so much enthusiasm, then I also infected my husband Roberto who decided to leave the workshop where he was working at in order to help me.

Long story short, we found ourselves carrying on a business that allows us to be all together, which is giving us so many satisfactions, humanly speaking, letting us to stay in contact with so many different people, with whom we often create honest and indelible relationships.

For some time now, moreover, daughters (and hopefully later granddaughters) have taken over the running of the business, who carry on the business with us with the same great passion for hospitality.

Il Brugnolo is a small agritourism and its size makes it possible to have a direct and sincere contact with the guests.

Therefore, in most cases we create some genuine friendships.

Thank you for your visit on this website and for reading my story up to the end.
Soon enough, we hope to have you as our guest too.

By the way, do you want to know in short the reason why I firmly believe that our place is so special?

It’s simple, that is because at Il Brugnolo you can sleep in a quiet and bright apartment, surrounded by greenery, but also located in a unique territory, encircled by lovely art cities and special nature trails.
In addition, last but not least, because we also live here: you can always count on us, with our constant but discreet presence, resolving every need of yours.

We wish to accommodate you to the best of our ability

Brugnolo is the right farmhouse to accommodate families with children, large groups and travelers with pets in tow. Find out below why.

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Respecting the environment is crucial for us

We have always believed in the philosophy of sustainable tourism and staying in the holiday apartments of Il Brugnolo means discovering the authentic pleasure of living in harmony with nature once again.

Moreover, together, we can join our forces to make small changes that can truly affect the environmental protection.

Find out more about sustainability

Brugnolo reviews: what our previous guests say about us and our agritourism.

At home, 200 km from home

“It was a very positive experience and I will not fail to go and say hello from time to time to those friends who are not only the managers of the facility, but are the real creators of at home 200 KM from home.”

Ten days of tranquility

“I am back home and writing this review for a place that has remained particularly dear to me. Brugnolo is a quiet oasis where you can rest surrounded by greenery away from the noise of the city.”

Peaceful sleep

“Studio apartment well located for cultural or food and wine visits to Emilia Romagna. Owners friendly and prodigal with very useful advice! Priceless silence for us who are from the city!”