Our conscious choice

We have always believed in the philosophy of sustainable tourism

Staying in the vacation apartments Il Brugnolo means rediscovering the authentic pleasure of living in harmony with nature.

Respect for the environment is fundamental to us.
All of our vineyards are 100% organic.
In fact, to preserve Nature, we built a photovoltaic system with 105 panels producing 19 KW of energy.

We also use a reverse osmosis system to fill the glass bottles you will find in the apartments, so as to avoid the use of plastic. Finally, we are committed to raising awareness of appropriate waste management among our guests.

This is a place where the presence of nature is felt very strongly

The agritourism is located on a 10-hectare farm, most of it covered with vineyards, from which we make typical Reggio wines including the famous Lambrusco. We also produce Organic not with the presumption of helping to save the world but, certainly, with the hope of not making it worse.

In the apartments we have recently added double keys in the toilet drains and LED lights in almost all apartments. We are also stubbornly trying to eliminate single-serving packages and disposable items.

“To stay here is to rediscover the authentic pleasure of living in harmony with nature.”

We look forward to seeing you at Brugnolo to welcome you to these places that will remain in your eyes and soul.

Farmhouse vacation apartments for a peaceful and friendly stay

The apartments are equipped with every comfort such as a fully equipped kitchen, Wi-Fi, Dorelan mattresses with myform technology, and independent heating or air conditioning.

Two-room apartments

Located within the 1800s stone farmhouse and renovated preserving the original style.
They are located on the ground floor and have a separate entrance.

Studio Apartments

Located in a new building at the back of the farmhouse, they have a common entrance. They are located two on the ground floor, two on the second floor.

We wish to accommodate you to the best of our ability

Brugnolo is the right farmhouse to accommodate families with children, large groups and travelers with pets in tow. Find out below why.

For Families
For Groups
Pet Friendly
Day Use

Brugnolo reviews: what people who have been here before say about us and our agriturismo

At home, 200 km from home

“It was a very positive experience and I will not fail to go and say hello from time to time to those friends who are not only the managers of the facility, but are the real creators of at home 200 KM from home.”

Ten days of tranquility

“I am back home and writing this review for a place that has remained particularly dear to me. Brugnolo is a quiet oasis where you can rest surrounded by greenery away from the noise of the city.”

Peaceful sleep

“Studio apartment well located for cultural or food and wine visits to Emilia Romagna. Owners friendly and prodigal with very useful advice! Priceless silence for us who are from the city!”