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Maranello: city of Ferrari

Maranello: city of Ferrari

Lively town surrounded by magnificent hills reachable through the historic streets that offer charming landscapes and delicious gastronomic stop.

Located just over 20 km from our farm, Maranello is a charming and lively town surrounded by magnificent hills reachable through the historic streets that offer charming landscapes and delicious gastronomic stops. 

Especially it affects its landscape in some farfetched ways, where the gullies and chimneys, the woods and huge expanses of tiles, agriculture and livestock coexist with the industry's most advanced. Its history has ancient origins, in fact, archaeological findings document this history from the Bronze Age or even much earlier times, as the remains of Terramare di Gorzano or the necropolis of Cumarola dating to the Eneolithic. With certainty we know who lived there were people of Ligurian origin who were subjected by the Roman legions between 189 and 179 BC

Maranello is famous worldwide as city of Ferrari. Here, after World War II, namely in 1943,  Enzo Ferrari from Modena founded the eponymous car company which quickly became one of the most prestigious in the world. Since then the history of Maranello is strongly linked to Ferrari's company from the industrial development of the fifties and sixties to the present day. Sports enthusiasts from all over the world to come to Maranello to visit the Ferrari Museum, which tells the Ferrari of today and tomorrow, sinking roots in the extraordinary history of the Prancing Horse. The permanent exhibition dedicated to the Formula 1 and the World Championships are added five rooms offering thematic exhibitions of great interest. It is part of the Ferrari factory, wind tunnel designed by Renzo Piano. In the tunnel are tested the cars on a conveyor belt synchronized with the wind speed.

Among other monuments and places of interest in Maranello must be reported: the parish church of San Biagio, built between 1894 and 1903, with an imposing bell tower, erected between 1900 and 1913; the small picturesque Castle, built around the year one thousand from a noble family of Marano, the Arardini or Araldini; the Tower of the Witch, that the monumental remains of an ancient tower built between the thirteenth and fifteenth centuries d.C .; the Romanesque Pieve di Fogliano, which will have traces from the year 963; and the Parish Church of SS. Peter and Paul Maina Torre (Chiesa parrocchiale dei SS. Pietro e Paolo Apostoli) which originated in the tenth century as a possession of the Benedictine monastery of St. Peter in Modena.

In addition to Ferrari, Maranello is also known for good food, in fact, in this area you can taste delicious products and dishes, among which stand out: the famous Parmesan cheese, traditional balsamic vinegar, the apple Campanina, the honey chestnut Modena Apennines, the fried dumplings, the delicious focaccia called "Tigella" and Modena liquor par excellence, Nocino.

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