For bicycle enthusiasts Scandiano offers some interesting nature trails that lead to the discovery of the peaceful Emilian countryside, ideal for those who want to have fun doing some sport in close contact with nature. These are very beautiful and generally flat routes in which even children can take part.


Itinerary: flat
Periods of Unfolding: spring to autumn

The route begins at Arceto Castle, a typical example of a well-preserved medieval castle. Crossing the Scandiano-Arceto road, take Via Partitora, which, after leaving the village, runs through the countryside among cultivated fields, vineyards and rural houses. After about 2.5 km, you enter a dirt road, Via Madonna della Neve, and at the Shrine of the Madonna della Neve turn right and then immediately left, taking the road to Fellegara, Via Brugnoletta. After passing through Fellegara we continue on the road to Reggio. At a T-junction turn right and at the next junction turn left, until you reach Case Fellegara. At this point take Via Mabrazza and after a small bridge over the Canal, take Via Molinazza and at the next stop sign take a left, toward Reggio. After 400 meters take the quiet Via del Molino and then at the next two intersections turn left. Continue along Via del Diavolo and after about 1 km turn right onto a busy road, to be driven to the right for 300 meters, then turn left between two wings of vines. Having bypassed the turret-colombaia and crossed the farmyard, return to the initial small road that, taken to the left, leads back to the center of Arceto.


Itinerary: between plains and hills
Periods of Unfolding: spring to autumn

This itinerary also starts from Arceto Castle. Take the road to Casalgrande, and after passing the bridge over the Tresinaro stream, turn left for S. Donnino. Continue to the left on a paved road and immediately after the hexagonal chapel junction turn right. At a certain point take a right onto St. Vincent Street and after about a kilometer take a left onto Martyrs Street. As you come out on the main road, turn left and after 300 meters take Via Querciola. At a T-junction, turn left and continue straight until you rejoin the paved road. Turn right and after 200 meters turn right again to Via Querciola (same toponym as the previous one but different street). After a stretch of unpaved road, at a certain point, at the height of a group of houses you return to the paved road. You turn right and after the village of Casellette you come to the main road that connects Arceto to Casalgrande. Finally, turning left and after passing over the Tresinaro Bridge again, the route ends at the Castle.


Route: plain
Periods of Unfolding: spring to autumn

From the oratory of St. Bartholomew we continue along the Rio Riazzone, on the road to Chiozza. Turn right onto Via Madonna della Tosse to Chiozzino (do not follow the sign for Scandiano here) and continue straight ahead to a rural building, Casa Tombe. Turn left here and at the T-junction with Via Molino Poncino take a right. When you reach the main road, turn first right and then immediately left. Continue next to the cemetery and at the junction with the Scandiano-Arceto road go straight on Via Morsiani until you come out on the road to Fellegara. Turning right we reconnect to Fellegara with the first route.

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