Traveling with kids? Reggio Emilia is the right city for those who want to have fun with their children and enjoy a vacation with the whole family. It offers a wealth of interesting ideas: there are so many things to do, museums to visit and attractions to discover with your little ones.

It sometimes happens that you find yourself visiting a city without knowing what to do with children. That’s why we have selected a number of activities in Reggio Emilia and its province that your children will love to do.


There are a large number of museums in Reggio Emilia, many of which are truly child-friendly, able to surprise and engage all members of the family.

Inside the Palazzo del Comune is the Museo del Tricolore, which tells the story of the Italian flag, which was born in Reggio Emilia on January 7, 1797. It collects documents, memorabilia and the important nucleus of works from the “Ninety Artists for One Flag” project. Here children will discover the history and characters associated with the birth of the flag. They can prepare for the visit through the short illustrated story Tricolor Comics.

Another museum that will undoubtedly fascinate your little ones is the Museum Palace. They will certainly be amazed as they observe: a real stuffed sperm whale; the remains of the Valentina whale, a fossilized cetacean from 3.5 million years ago; and Baron Raimondo Franchetti’s collection of African fauna.

In Corte Tegge, a hamlet of Cavriago, on the other hand, is the House of Puppets, with a very rich collection of puppets and marionettes, art objects and inventions, the product of the imagination of the great puppeteer Otello Sarzi. In addition to protecting the immense heritage, the museum also offers temporary exhibitions, workshops (for adults and children) and performances.


If your children are always ready to explore nature, Reggio Emilia and its surroundings hold some fantastic surprises.

In the Reggio area there are several adventure parks where the little ones can have fun and exciting experiences. In Cervarezza Terme, a hamlet of the municipality of Busana, there is the Cerwood Adventure Park, with no less than 27 different courses, 7 of which are exclusively for children, and a large number of fun activities such as miniature golf and archery. In Montalto di Vezzano sul Crostolo is the Matildico Park, equipped for holding a variety of outdoor activities such as aerial acrobatic courses, suspended walkways, lake rides and walks. Finally, the Vezzano sul Crostolo Ecopark, which offers numerous initiatives for children.

South of Reggio Emilia, on the other hand, is the Crostolo Park, one of the most beloved and popular naturalistic green spaces for the people of Reggio Emilia. The park can be reached from the city center via the so-called “Estense Promenade,” a bicycle and pedestrian path that runs from Corso Garibaldi to the park’s main entrance, enters nature and continues to the historic Reggia di Rivalta. For lovers of biking and walking, Reggio Emilia and its province are rich in nature trails, generally on the plains, in which children can also take part.

In the Parco dell’Appennino Tosco-Emiliano there are trails suitable for everyone (classified with a T, meaning tourist). These include: the loop trail that leads from the Cerreto Pass to the Sorgenti del Secchia; the hike from Cerreto Alpi to the Pranda, Gore and Scuro lakes along historic mule tracks; the loop trail that leads from the Lagastrello Pass to the discovery of Monte Acuto; the loop trail that leads from the Fonti di Poiano to the discovery of the local karst system; and the “Heart in the Park” trail at the Pietra di Bismantova.

Outside the province of Reggio Emilia a large number of walks can also be found: in the Parco dei 100 Laghi, located in the upper Parma Apennines; in the Parco dei Boschi di Carrega, which extends into the province of Parma; and in the Parco dei Sassi di Roccamalatina, located in the Modena Apennines. Also not to be missed: the loop trail, in the Parma area, that runs from the Lagoni Refuge through the Badignana Valley; and the scenic trail in the Frignano Park in the province of Modena, which reaches Lake Scaffaiolo from the Croce Arcana Pass.


Also within Crostolo Park, there is an area called the Little Goat Park because of the presence of some Tibetan goats, free to roam around, which children can observe and cuddle. In the area there are also numerous games where the little ones can have fun in complete safety.

Not far away, in the beautiful setting of Rhone Park, is the Reggio Emilia Donkey Farm, home to a group of friendly four-legged friends who have now become a real attraction in Reggio Emilia. Here children can participate in exploratory activities in nature, hikes, walks and storytelling shows always in the company of these wonderful animals, who gladly let themselves be petted.

A few kilometers from the center of Reggio Emilia, on the other hand, lies the WWF Marmirolo Oasis, within which numerous species of birds nest and breed. Through games, manual activities, workshops and scientific experiments, children can discover the wonderful world that hides behind every single tree, bush or hedge, at the bottom of the pond or under the ground.


Getting to know Reggio Emilia also means going to discover how its typical products are produced, the most famous of which is undoubtedly Parmigiano Reggiano. The Consortium of this delicious cheese offers interesting guided tours of the dairies. Discovering the magic of production and the art of cheesemakers turning milk into cheese can be an unforgettable experience for children and adults alike. The cheesemakers work the cheese early in the morning, so it is important to wake up early so as not to miss a single one of the different stages of milk processing.

In the province of Reggio Emilia there are also educational farms, where children can learn many things directly in the field, observing the farmer’s work and trying their hand at typical farmer’s jobs. Within them, workshops and playful activities are offered that involve the little ones in making a typical product or harvesting fruit and vegetables. Not to be missed is the annual “Open Farms” event, when farms, museums of taste and the rural world open their doors to visitors and the curious.

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