In the National Park of the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines, and specifically in Cervarezza Terme, a small hamlet in the municipality of Busana, in the province of Reggio Emilia, is Cerwood Adventure Park, Italy’s largest adventure park with no less than 27 different courses and more than 220 games for the enjoyment of young and old alike. Play, adventure and nature come together allowing the child, youth or adult to measure themselves against themselves and others.

The adventurous trails are located in St. Lucia’s Sources Park, a magnificent natural green area where among centuries-old beech trees, springs of oligomineral water and a delicious scent of underbrush, it is possible to take short walks without particular difficulty. What’s more, inside the park there are also picnic areas equipped with benches and barbecues, a bar and restaurant, which follows the same hours as the park. On the edges of the trails are play areas equipped for the enjoyment of the youngest children always in complete safety. The play areas are divided into Baby Area and Junior Area. The Baby Area is ideal for children 0/8 years old (Maximum height 1.40 m), and a large number of activities can be carried out inside. There is also a beautiful area dedicated only to children 0/3 years old. In the Junior Area, on the other hand, there are activities for the enjoyment of older children as well.

There are as many as 27 trails and they are divided into Baby and Junior Adventure Trails (Accessible only for those who are at least 1 m tall) and Adult Adventure Trails (Accessible only for those who are at least 1.40 m tall). In the former, activities are suspended at a maximum height of 2/2.5 meters above the ground, and the proper conduct of the trails is guaranteed by instructors who are always present nearby. In the latter, which are distinguished according to the difficulty of performance, safety is always guaranteed thanks to special PPE (personal safety equipment) smart carabiners.

In a quiet area of the park there is a well-equipped sports area where the more reckless can have fun playing Paintball in the Forest of Emotions, selecting a field from those of speedball and woodsball, or they can try their hand at Archery, testing, on their own, or participating in a tournament, their skills. For the more courageous, on the other hand, the Adventure Park offers The big Jumps Area, within which it is possible to try your hand at: the Pendulum Jump, which consists of a jump into the void from a platform placed 18 meters above the ground while remaining suspended just like a pendulum; Power Fun, which consists of a jump into the void, again from a height of 18 meters, where a special instrument slows down the speed of descent through a fan; and two 15-meter Climbing Walls, of varying difficulty.

Another must-do activity within the Park is the Gnome Trail, an easy loop trail to be walked in the Forest of Emotions, accompanied by the Woodland Fairy and the mischievous Elf. Through this path children, but also adults who have never stopped being children, are catapulted into the world of fantasy and involved in games and activities that stimulate the imagination and the desire for knowledge. For the enjoyment of the little ones, but also for that of adults, the Tubby Slope is available to take on exciting and breathtaking descents in the woods with special rafts. In addition, for mountain bikers, in the immediate vicinity of the Park, there is the Cerwood Bike Center with proposals and solutions suitable for everyone, from the experienced enthusiast to those approaching this extraordinary world for the first time.

The Park is open from April to November with different hours and days depending on the period (always check the official website).

ENTRANCE to the park is completely FREE, only activities are charged.

For more information visit the official web site of Parco Avventura Cerwood.

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