Located just over 20 kilometers from our farmhouse, Modena is a city full of charm that offers a wealth of things to do and see. The best way to visit it is by walking through its most famous squares. So follow us on this itinerary from square to square to discover its extraordinary historical and architectural heritage. Don’t forget to take your camera with you because there are so many wonderful views to capture.

The first stop on the itinerary could only be Piazza Grande, the social and political center of the city as well as the place where the most beloved and significant monuments are gathered. It is beautifully framed: by the Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta in Cielo and San Geminiano, one of the finest examples of Romanesque art, where numerous sculptural works can be admired; by the Ghirlandina Tower, one of the most beautiful bell towers in Italy, as well as the symbol of Modena; and by the Palazzo Comunale, for centuries the seat of city power, inside which the beautiful historic rooms can be visited. In the square, recognized by UNESCO in 1997 as a World Heritage Site, the city’s most important celebrations are held.

Next to the Ghirlandina Tower is the small Piazza Torre, the best place from which to appreciate the bell tower in all its glory. It is also called “Piazzetta delle Rivendugliole” because small vegetable trades were once held there. In the center of the square is a statue, created by sculptor Alessandro Cavazza in the 19th century, of Alessandro Tassoni, a Modenese writer and poet whose most famous work is “La Secchia Rapita,” which recounts the conflict between Bologna and Modena around the 14th century. Continuing along Via Emilia in the direction of Bologna, after a few steps you reach Piazza Mazzini, one of the most elegant corners of the historic center. It stands on the land that was once the heart of the Jewish ghetto, of which the Synagogue, built between 1869 and 1873 to a design by engineer Ludovico Maglietta, remains. Visits to the synagogue are possible by appointment. Several Art Nouveau buildings overlook the square.

A few meters away is the large rectangular space of Piazza Roma, whose history is closely linked with that of the Este dynasty. In the time of the duchy, it was often used for celebratory ceremonies. The splendid Ducal Palace, considered by art and architecture experts to be one of the most beautiful 17th-century princely palaces in all of Europe, overlooks the square. The sumptuous building, which can be visited only by reservation and with a guide, currently houses the prestigious Modena Military Academy. Also located in the square is the monument to Modena patriot Ciro Menotti, created by sculptor Cesare Sighinolfi in the 19th century. The next stop is nearby Piazza San Domenico, which owes its name to the church of the same name, rebuilt in the 18th century to a design by architect Giuseppe Antonio Torri to allow for the expansion of the Ducal Palace. Inside the religious building you can admire several paintings and a valuable terracotta sculptural group made by Antonio Begarelli.

Walk all the way down the lively Via del Taglio to reach Piazza della Pomposa, one of the city’s most charming corners, which comes alive with young people at nightfall. This pretty little cobblestone square, which still looks as it did in the 18th century, is dominated by the Church of Santa Maria della Pomposa, one of the oldest in Modena. It houses many works of considerable interest. On the other hand, at number 89 is Casa Tassoni, a typical example of a Modenese Renaissance dwelling. Finally, the last stop on the itinerary is Largo Porta Sant’Agostino, overlooked by the church of the same name and the majestic Palazzo dei Musei, which now houses various city cultural institutions such as the Galleria Estense, the Museo Civico, the Historical Archives and the Biblioteca Estense.

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