In Montagnana di Serramazzoni, in the Modena area and about 30 km from our agritourism, the Museum Garden of the Ancient Rose was opened in 2003, a large space open to the mystery and fascination of the “queen of flowers,” as the poetess Sappho called her. According to Achilles Tazio, an Alexandrian poet from the 2nd century B.C., the rose “is ornament to the earth, pride of the vegetable kingdom, crown of all flowers, purple of the meadows, shine of beauty. Handmaid of Aphrodite, full of love, it stands out with its fragrant petals, swaying on the moving stem, rejoicing in Zephyr’s smile.”

Located about 420 m. above sea level, on an area of 43 hectares of which about 2 are dedicated exclusively to roses, the museum collects, preserves and makes available to enthusiasts the world’s largest collection of old roses, preserving the genetic heritage of wild varieties. The museum houses more than 4,000 roses of about 800 varieties, including more than 200 species from the places where they originated, making it an international reference point for botanists, landscape architects, connoisseurs and the many people who devote time and passion to this magnificent flower. Species roses, i.e., the progenitors, are housed here alongside hybrids created by growers that can best represent its history.

Particularly suitable for families with children, the museum houses a very interesting Multisensory Herbarium thanks to which it is possible to enjoy an extraordinary experience that involves the five senses and brings the visitor in close contact with the deepest emotions, those aroused by the encounter with nature. The museum also has a store where it is possible to take home unusual species or natural rose products such as jams, syrups and infusions. What’s more, throughout the year the museum hosts interesting events and organizes meetings and courses with experts on various topics, from designing a garden to studying rose diseases and pests.

The museum is open from April 15 to June 30, daily, from sunrise to sunset. All other months by reservation only. Closed the Christmas holiday season and August 15. The best time to admire the rose chinores is from July to January.

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