On the first slopes of the Modenese Apennines, about 24 km from our farmhouse, is the fascinating Nirano Salse Nature Reserve characterized by the presence of the geological phenomenon of eruptive sauces. The reserve is included in the territory of Fiorano Modenese, a small town in the province of Modena full of historic villas, which already welcomes the visitor from afar with the domes of its wonderful Baroque sanctuary placed to protect the ancient village nestled on the hill.

A geological phenomenon of international importance, Salse originate from mainly gaseous (methane) and to a small extent liquid (oil) hydrocarbon deposits, which, coming to the surface, dissolve the clays and give rise to the typical cone formations (vertical formation) or pool (circular formation), based on the density of the slime. It is a phenomenon, known since ancient times and studied by famous scientists of the past, linked to the presence in the deep layers of the ground of hydrocarbon deposits accompanied by salty waters of marine origin, which emerge on the surface under the pressure of underground gases which ascend to the earth’s crust.

Walking in the reserve you can clearly hear the muttering of the boiling mud, called “Barboj” in Modena dialect. Le Salse look like small volcanoes immersed in an almost “lunar” landscape surrounded by brooms, wild roses and very special grasses such as Puccinellia Fasciculata, known in Italy as “Gramignone of reclamation” and characteristic of sea coasts. The landscape that can be admired is truly extraordinary with cones and pools that change in shape and size over time due to successive stratifications and new formations. Erroneously, Salse are considered “pseudovolcanic” phenomena but they have completely different origins from volcanoes.

Established in 1982, the reserve protects the largest and most unique complex of sauces in the Region. It covers an area of just over 200 hectares in a hilly area between the Fossa and Chianca waterways. Inside there are 8 well-signposted paths that offer suggestive views of the entire nature reserve. There are also: the Cà Tassi Visitor Center, where you can receive information and be able to purchase illustrative and educational materials; and the Cà Rossa Ecomuseum set up in a 19th-century rural complex, where past traditions are recalled through panels, photographs, agricultural tools, documents and interactive tools.

Furthermore, from March until autumn, the reserve organizes interesting initiatives for adults and children to raise awareness of the territory and the properties of its flora and fauna.

For more information visit the official web site Comune di Fiorano Modenese.

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