A little over 20 km from our farmhouse is Votigno di Canossa, a characteristic and ancient village of medieval origin overlooking the small valley of Rio Cerezzola. The charming village is made up of typical stone houses once abandoned which in the early 1990s were brought back to their former glory thanks to careful restoration work.

Just 2 km away are the ruins of the historic Castle of Canossa, site of the historic mediation of 1077 between the Papacy and the Empire, thanks to the Countess Matilde. According to historians, the village of Votigno, fortified and hidden by the hills, gave shelter to the countess’ soldiers intent on defending the precious castle. As evidence of the ancient role of this place there are: the walls, the medieval tower and the stone face that opens like a window onto the square. Walking along its streets is like taking a dive into the past.

In addition to being one of the most beautiful and best preserved ancient medieval villages in Italy, it encloses a Buddhist temple within its walls: the House of Tibet, a direct emanation, from a cultural point of view, of the Tibetan government in exile. The village symbolizes today the role of peace that Canossa had in the Middle Ages. The first in Europe and the only one in Italy, the Casa del Tibet was founded in 1990 by the Reggio doctor Stefano Dallari.

In 1999 the place was visited by the Dalai Lama in person, who was particularly impressed. The monk’s visit is remembered in a small “gompa”, where his images and some cult objects are collected. Inside the structure is the Tibet Museum, open to the public on Sunday afternoons. Inside are kept rare and original objects of culture, religion and daily life of Tibet, collected over years of passionate research.

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Welcome to il Brugnolo

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In fact, Brugnolo is immersed in the green nature of the Emilian countryside. For your relaxation, for that of your children, and again for the runs of your 4-legged friends, you will have 6000 square meters of park at your disposal!

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