Are you looking for an idea to spend a fantastic day with your family and children full of fun and in close contact with nature? In Montalto di Vezzano sul Crostolo, a little more than a 25-minute drive from our farmhouse, lies the Matildico Park, an extensive and heterogeneous area completely immersed in nature located about 400 meters above sea level that includes wooded areas, meadows, large clearings and natural lakes. Opened in 2007, the park is an ideal place for outdoor activities, walks, outings and educational activities with animals.

The brainchild of the Benassi family, the park was created for the scenic and cultural enhancement of this area of great historical interest. Spending a day in the park is like having an extraordinary experience out of the modern world, away from the daily stress and chaotic noise of the city. Not surprisingly, the park’s motto is “Close your eyes, listen to the breath of nature …” Inside is most of the fauna of the mid-Apennines: roe deer, mouflon, fallow deer, badgers, beech martens, foxes, squirrels, pheasants, ducks, herons, swallows, robins and nightingales, to name a few. There is also an Educational Farm where animals roam freely. Seeing and touching these animals is a joy that children should be able to experience!

For the enjoyment of young and old alike, the park is equipped for the conduct of various outdoor activities. Absolutely not to be missed is the Lake Park Adventure, an accomplishment with as many as 45 platforms that also includes a spectacular 80-meter “water flight” at a height of about 15 meters thanks to which it is possible to enjoy an exceptional view of the park. For the less reckless there is also a footbridge connecting the two shores of the lake for a quieter thrill accessible to all. There are 15 canoes available for visitors to take a fun outing on the quiet green waters of the lake. For those who want to walk in the park to discover wild and protected blooms there are more than 3 km of trails in the green, along lakes and natural springs. For children, the park has a playground where children can have fun with friends or even on their own and observe the many animals. Inside the park it is also possible to have picnics and barbecues. There is also a cafeteria and canteen support facility with restrooms for the disabled as well.

And the activities to be done in the park do not end there … do you want to go to war??! Then you cannot miss Soft Air, the simulated battle based on military techniques, tactics and uses. Battles are scheduled every first and third Sunday of every month from April to October inclusive. After a short safety and tactics briefing, participants will be immersed in a faithful battle. For registration or information email or call or text 347 4347785 (ANDREA).

For info and reservations:
Montalto Matildic Park
Via Lolli, 45 – Montalto di Vezzano S/C (RE)
Tel/Fax 0522-858432

(Photo by Matildic Park)

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