On the hill of Sassuolo, near Modena and about 15 km from our farmhouse, are the ancient Terme della Salvarola, the so-called Divine waters of Emilia Romagna. Surrounded by gentle hills on which ancient fortresses and suggestive castles stand, Salvarola was already known in Roman times for the beneficial properties of the waters. In the medieval period, the Baths were a travel destination for those in need of special care, in fact, it seems that even Matilde di Canossa came here to benefit from its waters. Today the Spas are among the most important at a national level for their unique and special waters, useful both for physiotherapy and rehabilitation treatments, and for energy and beauty treatments.

The healing waters of the Terme della Salvarola are of three types: salt-bromine-jodic water, hypertonic and with a low calcium content (it is hypertonic and therefore applied to the mucous membranes, it establishes a serous current from the inside out, cleaning them from toxic products and inflammatory edema ); sulphurous water, rich, together with hydrogen sulphide, also in carbon dioxide and sodium bicarbonate (precious water in the inhalation field); and sulfur – bicarbonate – magnesium water, “Alfonsina” source, with a significant presence of bicarbonate, calcium and magnesium ions (water with purgative characteristics).

Next to the Thermal Establishment, surrounded by a splendid garden, stands the large Balnea Wellness Centre, a true oasis of well-being where you can rediscover relaxation and energy at 360°. The Wellness Center is equipped with swimming pools with thermal water at different temperatures, whirlpools, water games, vascular path, steam bath, sauna, four gyms and a highly equipped Clinical Thermal Sensory Beauty Center where you can have traditional, oriental and with innovative food and wine products typical of the area.

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Welcome to il Brugnolo

If you’re looking for completely independent apartments surrounded by greenery you really are in the right place here!

In fact, Brugnolo is immersed in the green nature of the Emilian countryside. For your relaxation, for that of your children, and again for the runs of your 4-legged friends, you will have 6000 square meters of park at your disposal!

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